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P.S I love you

Do you have been think what is the love you really want?
I know you just can't sure. but just believe what it was.
You knew already.  you knew that is it.
cause you feel it.

by the way, if i'll go to ireland, can i sing like that?
yes yes- bad joke-

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Memory of Haiti

인생, 결코 잊을수 없는 소중한 한조각
헬기속 창문너머 캐리비안 그 해변 만큼 눈이 부시도록 빛나던 그 멋진 하늘이 가득한 
그 나라가 문득 그리워질것만 같은 그 뜨겁던 2010년의 여름날의 아련해진 기억. 

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The Furlough

To Busan

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Everyone who i know

I'm here, Now.

In the Haiti

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